2018 meeting recordings of Peter Mead: "Empty?
Is my life missing something?"

Explained and Proclaimed
is an annual gathering of Christians which exists to promote the expository preaching of Godís Word. Formerly known as Keele Biblical Assembly, it is now into its 31st year. Many people are longing for a true revival and reformation of the Church. At the centre of any such desire must be the Scriptures, the Word of God. Such a longing should be more than just a notion to which we subscribe, we need people who are going to proclaim Godís Word faithfully with clarity and conviction. It is hoped that the annual Explained and Proclaimed will help toward making this a reality. We have an extensive back catalogue of recordings of the annual meeting. To hear them please visit our assembly archive section.

There is no charge to anyone coming to the assembly. A freewill offering will be made at the end of the meeting so that our expenses can be met.

For more details contact Howard Mason on 01782 849937.
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The Annual North Staffs Bible Event
Keswick in the Potteries